Publikation April 2024
Andragogy: Contributions to an Emerging Discipline

The book is a valuable resource for scholars, students, and libraries. It reexamines key facets of andragogy by presenting a series of reprints that contribute significantly to the field.
- "Andragogy and Andragogues" explores andragogues as "change specialists".
- "Andragogical Concepts" provides valuable insights by analyzing andragogical theories.
- "Projects and Examples" highlighs the synergy between theory and practice.
- "International Comparative Adult Education" explores and presents examples and ways to enhance studies in this field.

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Publikation Mai 2022:

Festschrift zum 150. Stiftungsfest der
Katholischen Studentenverbindung Alamannia
zu Tübingen im KV
Hardcover, Brilliantdruck

New publication (2021):

Often in international comparative studies, it is difficult to refer to older basic texts because they are hidden in old publications, difficult to locate. This book makes a selection of such old but 'essential' texts available and wants to document the long history of the international/comparative perspective. 'Standing on the shoulder of giants' allows not only a grounded look back but hopefully also a reliable and experience-based look in the future.

The editor of this book, Jost Reischmann, Prof. em., Bamberg University, Germany, has a long history in international and comparative adult education. He presented papers on conferences around the world. He became, in 1992, the first president of the International Society for Comparative Adult Education (ISCAE) and developed this society over many years.
We hope this new book will help old-timers and new-comers to contribute to the enriching world of international comparative adult education.

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  • Table of Contents:           Sample pages:

    Jost Reischmann Mail to Prof. Dr.
    Jost Reischmann

    Nominated and inducted into "International Adult Education Hall of Fame 1999"

    "Outstanding Service Medallion" American Association of Adult Education AAACE

    Invited Keynote-Speaker AAACE 2006 Milwaukee

    Medallion University Prague

    Honorary Member Adult Education Society Belgrade

    Invited Speaker Arabian Society for Human Resource Management 2008

    Prof. Dr. rer.soc. Dr. rer.soc.habil. Jost Reischmann

    for Chapter "Jost Reischmann: Becoming a Professor in Andragogy - Lived History" in: "North American Adult Educators: Quintessential Autobiographies (2007)". (pdf-download)
    for list of publications
    zum Kursbeurteilungsbogen KBB
    Abschiedsvorlesung 16.7. 2008 / Retirement Lecture
    Andra-Album 1995-2008
    Interview 2015: Adult Education Interview Series

    Born in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany).


  • Teacher Examination - Teacher Training College Schwäbisch Gmünd 1964
  • Higher State Examination in Education, Psychology, and Sociology, University of Tübingen 1970
  • Dr.rer.soc. - Educational Psychology, University of Tübingen 1974
  • Dr.rer.soc.habil. - Habilitation in Adult and Continuing Education, University of Tübingen 1989

    Employment History

  • Teacher at Primary and Secondary Schools (1964-1967)
  • Research Employee, Volkswagen-Foundation, Educational Psychology, University of Tuebingen (1970-1973)
  • Assistant Professor, Division of Educational Studies, Educational Psychology, University of Tuebingen (1973-1979)
  • Director of "Courses by Newspaper", German Institute for Distant Studies (Deutsches Institut für Fernstudien DIFF, 1979-1984)
  • Associate Professor, Division of Adult and Continuing Education University of Tuebingen (1984-1993)
  • Full Professor and Chair of Andragogy (Adult and Continuing Education ), Bamberg University (1993-2008 retired)
  • Dean and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology, and Philosophy at Bamberg University, Germany (2000-2005).
  • Main working fields in teaching and research

  • Philosophy and Theories of Adult Education
  • Human Resource Development - Continuing education in business and industry
  • International Comparative Adult Education
  • Evaluation of Adult Education
  • Didactic: Adult learning and its support - methods and models
  • Holistic Adult Education
  • Publications

    About 250 academic publications in German and English, author and editor of 10 monographs (i.e. "Adult Education in West-Germany in Case Studies", "Offenes Lernen", "Generationen", "Weiterbildungs-Evaluation", "Erwachsenenbildung im Kontext", "Comparative Adult Education 1998: the Contribution of ISCAE to an Emerging Field of Study", "Essential Readings in International and Comparative Adult Education").
    for list of publications

    Awards, Functions

  • 1993: President of ISCAE (International Society for Comparative Adult Education), Vice-President from 2008.
  • 1998: "President's Award for Exceptional and Innovative Leaderships in Adult and Continuing Education" of the American Association of Adult Education AAACE.
  • 1999: Induction into the "International Adult and Continuing Education Hall Of Fame" (San Antonio, TX).
  • 2001: "Honorary Member der Adult Education Society Belgrade".
  • 2001-2005: Member of Board of German Institute for Adult Education (Nutzerbeirat des Deutschen Instituts für Erwachsenenbildung Bonn).
  • 2005: Member of the Board of ESVA (European Society for Volutary Organizations).
  • 2006: "Outstanding Service Medallion" of the American Association of Adult Education AAACE.
  • 2006-2012: Elected in the Board of Directors of the "International Adult and Continuing Education Hall Of Fame". Member International Committee, Selection Committee.
  • 2007: Nominated and inducted into "Scientific Board of the Jan Amos Komensky University Prague" and there into the "Board of Supervisors for the Doctoral Study Programme in Andragogy".
  • 2008: Retired from Chair of Andragogy at Bamberg University
  • 2008-2011: 'Wissenschaftlicher Leiter' of the Master Program 'Andragogy' at the Pädagogische Hochschule Vorarlberg, Feldkirch, Austria.
  • Speaker and Keynote-Speaker at International Conferences (Brussels, Slovenia, Belgrade, Helsinki, Seoul, Prague, Los Angeles, Montreal, Atlantic City, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Orlando, Chicago, Milwaukee, Budapest and others).
    Webmaster of and

    2013, St Louis, USA Click for Feedback-page! Bonn 2013 Norman2015 Oklahoma City 2015 Zürich 2016 Bonn 2016 2017 Rijeka 2018 Berlin 2019 BelgradHoF 2019 Belgrade

    Service to fields of practice

    Consultant and Trainer in Adult and Continuing Education and Human Resources Development with numerous organizations, private (i.e. Volkswagen-AG, BEWAG, Berliner Bank and various other companies) and public (i.e Teacher In-service Training, Train-the-Trainer programs at Volkshochschulen, State Associations, religious institutions)

    Professional Memberships

  • International Society for Comparative Adult Education (ISCAE) - President since 1992, Vice-President sinc 2008.
  • German Association of Education (DGfE) - Commission of Adult Education, Commission of Comparative Education
  • Society for Empirical Research in Education (AEPF)
  • Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE-USA)
  • American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE)
  • European Society for Research in the Education of Adults (ESREA)
  • Founding Member in the Board of German Society for Evaluation (DGEVAL)
  • for Chapter "Jost Reischmann: Becoming a Professor in Andragogy - Lived History" in: "North American Adult Educators: Quintessential Autobiographies (2007)". (pdf-download)
     Text der Abschiedsvorlesung / text of retirement-lecture (in German). (pdf-download)

    Impressum: Prof. Dr. Jost Reischmann, Am Feuersee 3, 72072 Tübingen, Tel. 07071-791845, E-Mail Homepage

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